Raising The Minimum Wage to a Livable Wage

While raising the minimum wage was a step in the right direction, this recent bill passage and implementation does not do enough to bridge the economic gap and provide families with a livable wage. The median income for Montgomery County has decreased over the last five years, while property values have increased. Raising the current minimum wage to a livable wage of $18 an hour would go a long way towards erasing the economic gap in our County.

Energy Efficient Buildings Are Mandatory

In a time where the current Administration refuses to acknowledge the impact of climate change on our environment, it is important that other elected officials take up the task through more than just words. Making every building in the county energy efficient would be a step in the right direction.

Achievement Gap in Education

A benefit to having a strong school system is that families move to the County in order to take advantage of it. We need to invest in our school systems to manage the overcrowding so that no students suffer from the lack of academic attention they are accustomed to from our schools.

Purple Line

The Purple Line is an incredibly divisive issue that comes down to one very simple thing: do the benefits outweigh the costs? I do not support the building of the Purple Line nor the subsequent Deforestation that will follow. I believe that the rollout could have been handled better, and it is my belief that we must now do twice the work to ensure that our environment and communities do not suffer needlessly.